MTB Shock MOD for Janobike T85, Boyueda …

Deal Score+4
Deal Score+4

This is super simple Mod, you just need 4 printed parts and one extra seal. If You don’t have printer then ask some one for help, those parts are easy and cheap to make , if U still can’t get those parts buy a Printer cost like 200$ ( My FAV Creality Prusa )and U can help others & make some extra $ thanks to it. to print BiG spacers use PLA and 80-90% infill , for extra seal use flexible filament ( rubber like ). Here you can download all files

Also you need 125mm lenght MTB shock with inner mount holes 12mm ( most of shock got thsi size ), you can buy cheap chinese shock on Ebay like this one , or buy some HQ like KS 260 125mm 2000lbs ( I used it in my T85) or DNM 125mm 2000lbs . Also it’s possible that you will be able to use shocks filled with oil like DNM

!! Important !! Do NOT open or modify OIL shock , inner lubrication and extra seal is only for cheap no oil shocks.

If U got all parts then open the shock, remove the spring and then use bigger wrench to unscrew middle BiG black nut ***( if U got extra seal printed also unscrew bolt from main shock shaft to remove black nut )

*** If you got extra Seal, glue it to the black nut , then place it back on fork shaft and secure it by screw.

On shock shaft add lots of lubricant, in my case I used grease for bearings ( it has to be full synthetic , cause U got rubber and metal parts ).

Screw big nut back

Now add some grease inside big printed spacers and slide in stock aluminium spacers

I recommend to cover fork from dust ( Even Oil one , way better life span ) , I used simple bag and zipps ?.

Now lubricate bolts and get all this shit together ?

** I made this MOD for free, so you can download all files without spending any $ BUT could you send even 1$ for animal shelters ?! I promisse, your life will be happier when you do it, cause U will help someone who really need it ? **

?? Do you ? Pirate ⁉ and want to Support ‼ ?? Banggod ( buy what U like from link ) Gearbest ( buy what U like from link ) ? Or just leave some positive comment and make my Day ??

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  1. Hi,

    what wonderful tipps!
    Would you please contact me per email?
    I would need one of your modifications
    Thank you!


  2. Hi, you have great solition and video for el. scooter, please what you suggested for cca 1000$ ,Janobike T85 2x 2800w or bouyeda? Which is better for no need offten repairing? Need only for flat road, thank you very much….

  3. I will sell it in this week 🙂

  4. The original shock absorber of my janobike T85 broke I ordered the Kind Shock KS 260 1500 LBS shock absorber to replace it I’m missing your part if you sell it mp me plz

    What does she change?

  5. I had pink\orange stock shock that came with boyueda. It leaked so bangood sent me some blue oil shock. Is it any good comparing to mtb shock? Thanks

  6. Hello Pirate I messaged you if you could please get back me to about the es18p mods that are available. Thanks.

  7. hey have you any scoot for sale? like t85

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