Case for Vesc Flipsky 6.6 Dual Mini with active cooling & window Designed by Pirate ? Files Included ?

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Vesc 6.6 Dual Mini is one of the cheapest and most powerful controllers for the price, I been using it for quite long time without issues so I decided to make case special for it.

What do you need to make SYL-08 4WD:

We need to seal space between Vesc and case, add a little bit of kaufer

Now us 4x M3 17mm and secure the VESC to the case as you can see on pics

Use 6x M4 12mm countersunk , bottom part & gasket

If 40mm fan will not fit easily, grind walls of the fan a little bit.

To make window I used some transparent plexi from old box, but I do recommend to use some HQ 1mm thick plexi glass. I also used super glue which is bad idea cause it can damage easily thin pelxi, go with sticky silicone kaufer or something.

And there we got a window, on vesc are 4 leds so inside cause will be quite bright 😉

When you finish wiring, connect 5V fan to one of the UARTs on Vesc ( add some capacitor between 5v + & – as a low pass filter )

You have to admit it Looks GOOD 🙂 , my Patrons will have couple versions of top lid and newest versions 😉

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