2x Side Covers for BiG Escoots Laotie Es18 T85 Boyueda etc…

HomeDesigned by Pirate2x Side Covers for BiG Escoots Laotie Es18...

Without side covers for motor shaft scoot looks bad, but with covers looks much better 😉 . Some designs are free for my Patrons, if you would like me to print it for you then send me a message ( click on Contact tab )

Here Cap which looks like Engine with exhaust

On scoots looks way better 🙂

Big radiator design for sure will survive much more and looks really massive 🙂

If you need any help just PM me > pirate.ac/contact/

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  1. Hello, your video scared me, I’m from Spain, could you pass me stl of the pieces for poersema to skateboard I have langfeite l8 and I would like to thank you

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