Electric Heated Gloves Warmspace, you have to try it !

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I bought Warmspace Gloves at BG bit.ly/HeatedGlovesNoBattery for 50$ with extra batteries, I always thought it’s not worth it cause that price and how good could be Heated Gloves … But now I can say only ” Why I didn’t buy it ealier ?! “

Gloves will come really nice packed like for some EL Presidente ??

In Manuals we can find all info

I ordered most expensive version with included batteries and charger but it was bad choice, gloves itself are insane but stock batteries and charger are ? cause true capacity is only 1.2-1.5AH and charger seriously overcharging batteries to 4.5V at huge amperage ( 1A per battery or 2A for one connected ) which is way to big for those batteries.

Gloves are really nice quality as you can see, I ordred XL size and fits perfect for person ~187cm.

Gloves got special pocket for batteries , but actualy there is enough space for extra keys credit cards or other small items

We can set heating power, 5 mods like in the manual. Overally I do like those gloves, I even could say that I would not move my ass outside without them ???. For me Must have fow winter Escooter ride .

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