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Why Footrest ? It makes ride comfier and extends life span of steering stem and front folding mechanism . It extend lenght of the deck so we got more space which actually makes scoot feels more stable and the most important , now almost whole body weigh /force is going on foot rest. I mean by that , when you adding throttle you push steering bar towards you to stay in balance but it bends steering stem and lots of extar force is going to folding mechanism. But when you place foot on foot rest , you can much easier stay in balance cause all forces are going to foot rest.

Footrest V1 is compatible with Laotie ES18 / Es18 Lite , Ti30 , Boyueda and other with similar frame design.

Place 2x countersunk screws & 2 nuts on Main adapter

Place blinkers adapter and tighten it by 2 countersunk screws which you placed before ( do not tighten it too much otherwise palstic thread can be damaged )

Now prepeare 6 countersunk screws and Top foot rest. I do recommend at first tighten 2 middle screws and then place 4 other screws / 4 nutz and tighten it .

If you have GoPro adapter mount it as you can see on pictures,

Remove old red spacers and resr 2 screws

Place Foot rest , and tighten for now only 2 front screws ( use stock ones and do not tighten it too much otherwise palstic thread can be damaged )

If you have Grip then install it as you can see on pictures , if not just tighten it by using using stock screws. ( do not tighten it too much otherwise palstic thread can be damaged )

At th end use 2 black screws and this is it 🙂

Me and Pablo been testing it for over 2 months,s coots crashed couple times but fot rests are in one piece , no cracks so I can recommend it . Print time is around 28H , so it takes quite long time but I doing it for qaulity, not for mass producing.

Soon more adapters will be out for this project, thank you all for any support ???

You can buy it in my Eshop

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  1. We will need to change the outputs of the chargers in order to match your improved input charging ports, yes ? So we can just cut off the existing output connectors & add bare xt30’s ? Perhaps you could add two of them to the kit ?

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