Xiaomi Gaming Laptop i7 8750h Thermal Grease Upgrade

Xiaomi Gaming Laptop i7 8750h is High Quality gaming laptop, cooling system looks like half of the laptop and shell is mostly aluminium, all this for super low price. Out of the box Xiaomi has really good temperatures under 90C while heavy gaming BUT if you would like to lower temperatures and extend motherboard life span , better thermal grease is like MUST HAVE. After changing to Arctc MX-4 temperatures drops insane as U can see on my video…. Heavy gaming at bios #4 is around 70C at bios #4 80C ( fans set to silent ??) .

Anyway here is couple images. Ofcourse Xiaomi in stock got way too much thermal grease , which is BAD because heat got extra buffer between CPU/GPU and cooling system.

Here I cleaned it a little bit, BUT still need some polishing. I don’t recommend to fully clean GPU if you never done it before , because as U can see on GPU we got small capacitors , and if U will be NOT delicate then U can damage GPU cause tiny capacitor can be break off !!

I added a little bit too much grease but cooling system is very solid , and when we screw it to motherboard then extra grease will be squeezed out.

Be prepared to face problems with built fans, cause thise fans havn’t bearing . The same Fan system is in Xiaomi notebook PRO which I also own and ofcourse I had to repleace one fan already due to rattling noise, to be honest if U will have brand new FAN / Xiaomi notebook pro and if U will lubricate this fan the same day then it should works for years BUT the problem is that in Xiaomi gaming laptop FAN has closed system so we can’t open it. Left fan in my gaming laptop after one month strats to make rattling noise, BUT when i removed black sticker from the top of FAN rattling noise disappeared ( don’t ask why and how, I am happy that it’s work this way ? ).

Here you can find topic on reddit about Newest bios #0604 for Xiaomi Gaming Laptop i7 8750H with GTX 1060

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