Motor Coolers for Janobike T85 and Laotie ES18

Janobike T85 and Laotie ES18 are really powerful, even after 1 year of use I still got this silly smile when I hit full throttle … and because o this power components heat up. Motors shell can reach sometimes over 85C which means that inside motor is easily over 100C, so if we cool down the motor shell to even 80C from 85C then inside motor temp will be also way lower.

That is why I designed coolers, after many months of testing no more problems with overheating motor , even after some crazy ride I can hold my hand on motor shell where it was not possible to do it without cooler. Now temperatures with coolers are around 60C compare o 75C+ without cooler πŸ™‚ !

Ofcourse lower temp. will extend life span of the motor but no surprise here ?

I design 3 different versions, Regular , Turbo, Ultimate

Regular is cheapest one , has less fins but still can cool down motor, this one I recommend for regular riders who don’t use full throttle very often.

Turbo is for riders who like Full throttle, this one has 2x more fins and can handle some beating due to reinforced structure ( should survive small crashes )

Ultimate version has extended fins to push even more air, this one is for maniacs who like to overclock ??⚑⚑?β€β˜ οΈ

If you need any help just PM me >Β

Please note that motor can have Air valve in different place, if you would like to buy cooler please choose correct valve position.

Version A has air valve over silver screw

Version B has Air valve moved to left side above silver screw

Version C has Air valve moved to right side above silver screw

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  1. Hey Pirate. I have a es18 Laotie, can i buy Ultimate version with you and how can i send you money for that ?. I love your video, very great thanks – Kim

    • Hey Pirate. I have a es18 Laotie, can i buy Ultimate version with you and how can i send you money for that ?. I love your video, very great thanks – Kim

  2. Hi, please, if you can, add to the gallery photos of what the individual types of coolers already mounted on the front and rear wheels look like and a photo of what the scooter looks like with them as a whole. If I understood well with your answer, what did you write to me by e-mail, then do you plan to run an e-shop within 4 weeks, where the individual types can be bought? Well thank you.

  3. Hi! Two questions: Is it possible to design them for Zero 11x?
    Also, with that many variants of products, why not go straight for ultimate? They are pricier? They are less robust?

  4. hello I have a laotie es19 and would like to purchase a set of motor coolers. would these work with my model? or do you make a set that does? Thank you

  5. Hi Pirate, really want to buy 1 pair of these coolers from you, however, I need you to create a Version D cooler as one of my ES18’s wheel has the air valve right in the middle between 2 screws. Please let me know if it is possible. Many thanks!

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