Thumb Throttle 108X for Chinese Escooter & Bikes , Must have Mod

Deal Score+5
Deal Score+5

Today I will show you how to install thumb throttle for Chinese Escoot like Janobike Langefeite or Byoueda, also it will work with Ebikes. I decided to use Throttle gimbal called 108X because it’s Cheap ( 5-10$) , great quality and more or less easy to install ( some soldering skills are really needed ) also worth to mention is that thumb throttle is much safer to use ( for escoots ) compare to point finger or twist throttle.

So let me show you how to install thumb throttle on my Boyueda Escoot, at first you have to open the mini computer with lcd screen. There are 6 screws around it and one is hidden under throttle knob.

Then inside we got 2 extra screws which holds PDB to the shell.

On PDB you can see hell sensor, looks like transistor with 3 legs , also hall sensor built in to 108X is exactly the same πŸ™‚ .

At first I recommend to remove USB charging port because we need some extra space inside and I do NOT recommend to use built in USB charging port for safety reason. You should remove side cables ( Black and Red like on picture )

In LH-100 we got extra hole for the cable, on the back you can see rubber plug/cover , just remove it and pass through thumb throttle cable ( I short my cable to around 15cm )

Then you have to (actually you can choose )

  • Cut off 2 legs from hall sensor like GND and VCC ( I did it )
  • Cut off one Signal leg
  • Remove whole hall sensor

Ofcourse secure legs with shrink tube and solder 3 wires like I did. White cable is signal, Red is VCC and Black GND, I recommend to solder GND wire to spot where was GND for USB. Before 1st test check if there is not short circuit

Add zip on new cable , and put all things back together. After some testing I have to admit , this mod is Must Have , feels more natural and big movement of the throttle knob helps to controller better power of your Beast πŸš€πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

108X on Banggood

108X on Aliexpress

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  1. Hello Sir,

    If i understood correctly, removing the entire hall sensor and sodering the 3 108X cables in its place should do the trick right ?

    If so, is there any particular reason why you decided to keep the sensor in place with 2 legs cut off and only leaving its GND ?

    Thanks a lot, just ordered a ESM8 equivalent on your recommendation btw. Cheers from FR

    • only one hall have to be connected otherwise sum of 2 voltage outputs from halls will be above minimal voltage value for controller ( min is 0,8V ), so one minimal hall value is 0.8v so sum of 2 halls will give 1.6v.

      • Hi Pirate,

        I have the same question as above, what happens if we cut off full Hall sensor and just connect 3 cables from thumb throttle, what is the difference between removing all of it and leaving it only with hall leg like you did? Any benefits with one method or the other?

      • Hey so we can remove it completely ? I don’t understand why you leave it there inside halg soldered. Greats vid thanks

  2. Hey, do you know a thumb throttle like this, but that would work in both directions – for acceleration and braking? Or something like in boosted rev scooter (wheel). Cheers!

  3. Hiya Pirate , im new to this type of fix and i try to double click all picture of this mod for ‘ZOOM IN’ like on other mods you do but only the first few pictures do the ZOOM and the bits i feel i need some zoom there is none ! can you fix this please or send to me better close up pictures of this mod many thx

  4. Thanks Pirate for your information. Would there be a problem if I left the usb? Would like to leave the USB on, or would it have to be wired differently?

  5. Hi, will it work on Laotie Ti30 too?

  6. I noticed that the thumb throttle can be mounted the other way around, that it can be controlled with the index finger like the original, but we don’t want to … If I want to have it on the right side as you have it mounted, should I order the left or right?

  7. Hello
    I upgraded by removing the sensor, but I have a problem.
    When I accelerate more than 50% the scooter stops accelerating and activates the engine brake by activating the stop lights.
    What could be the problem?
    For now I solved it by disconnecting the engine brake cable.
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Hi,

    I did everything in accordance with this manual, ordered the thumb throttle from the link, cut off the hall sensor and soldered the three wires in a correct way. But now when I turn on the LH-100, I am getting Error 08 – Throttle error. Any ideas why and how to resolve?
    Thank you

  9. Hi!

    Why is nobody using a twist throttle on these escotters? After your moto background i would have gone for that!
    If finally my ti30 arrives, I will try and test it.


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