Who isPirate

For years I been creating & upgrading mechanical designs. I have knowledge from diffrent fieldslike : CAD , 3D printing, processing of plastics and metals, basic knowledge about electronics and programming which is still expanding. By cooperating with me, you can be sure that task will be done based on experience in many fields.

3D Printing

One of my hobbies is 3D Printing, because we can create fast & cheap, precise 3D solid. Aswe all know, if you like doing something, then you are doing it well 🙂
  • For End Product I am using only expensive filaments which are suit for project.
  • PLA Impact ( Impact proof, longevity , for 80% designs it's best choice )
  • TPU / Rubber ( best for very flexibile elements or repetitive bending )
  • Nylon ( nearly never break , very durable But PLA for 95% projects could be better choice )
  • Nylon + Carbon / Fiber glass ( for 99% projects, PLA will do better job )

Experience in BLDC motor power systems & Other electronic systems

There is no boundaries with me , I can make make tiny but powerful RC project or advanced EV with VESC Controller.
  • Replacing controller for EV , like RC ESC with PWM / PPM to Advanced Ebike with Analogue T/B signal
  • Upgrade from 1WD to 2WD > 4WD > AWD
  • Additional Power installation with different voltage & amperage output
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Any other exotic things which you can imagine.

Battery service

If you need battery on regular 18650 / 21700 , or latest prismatic cells ?! No problem 🙂
  • Years of experience with Li-Ion LI-Po & LIFEPO4. Tell me what you want, I will design what you really need
  • Making new battery with Li-Ion LI-Po & LIFEPO4 cells
  • Service and fixing old battery packs

CAD Design & Prototyping

Do you have Idea ? Let's make it real !
  • Experience in 3D Cad design


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