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Thanks to this simple adapter you will be able to install Oil MTB shock on the back, scooter will be way more stabe and you will be able to go faster than before 🙂 . What you need is Oil Shock like 125mm 2500lbs and my adapter. Here you can choose between these 2

Free V1 4pcs version
V2 6pcs version where I added extra bushing to decrease friction and increase size to make it more durable.

It’s super easy to install.

Just remove old rear shock. On silver bottom spacer place big adapter

If you have V2 then between fork and silver washer add tiny washers and Do NOT FORGET to use grease on all moving parts including bolts.

on the top ( other side of the fork ) use 2 medium spacers

, tight all screws and good to go 🙂

Part List and Links

DNM Shock 125mm 2500lbs

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  1. Great YouTube Video, I am having trouble getting hold of a DNM 22AR 125mm Rear Shock as per your Video, firstly, are you able to supply one for me? Can I use a 150mm size Shock? I live in the UK

      • I am trying to access the free 3D version of the adapter, are you able to provide link or perhaps email me the file as it does not appear on the thingyverse site

  2. Hello!
    It seems to be impossible to find a 2000 or 2500lbs shock on the market. Do you know were can we find one on sale? Thanks for posting this info publicly!

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