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ESwing ESM8 sees to be powerful city cruiser, looks insane and built in 67Volt battery for sure will give lots of FUN ??

ESwing ESM8 will come perfectly packed , there is really small chance that it could be damaged due to shipping

In the box we will find Scooter? / charger 67V/2A ⚡/ 2 remotes ??? / Fuses ⚡ / Manuals / adapter to inflate tyres / hex keys

Quality looks great, actually Esm8 cost ~850$ so we should expect HQ , just check it by your self.

Review is coiming soon, if you have any questions just leave it at comment section ??

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  1. Can’t wait for the review ! Very excited … what’s a good scooter to buy as a first one ?
    Can I take a Pro and change the disks to a better one ?

  2. Hello i want toi buy this beast. I’m waiting your review. What can you already tell me about your impressions ? Good or not ?

    Insane thanks !

  3. I have Yume D5 in the cart, but now I also want to buy this insane beast 😀 It has 11 inch tires, it has 60V battery it has bigger power than Yume D5…And still it weights much less than T85 and even less than Yume… Yume D5 also looks like a crap in comparison to this one… Why only “average”? What’s wrong? Can you feel that it is stronger than yume? Is it significantly weaker than T85? Please give us some info, can’t wait for the YT review 😀

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