Dual Loop Key ⚡ Safe switch for Escoots ebikes ? How to install it

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Loop Key is working as a safe switch , it’s connecting battery to other electronics like controllers/ lights etc.. . Dual loop key has extra XT30 connector with resistor between 30-100ohm which almost fully suppress high voltage spike , thanks to it when we connecting high current XT90 connector there is no any spark ( I noticed that Amass XT90s with anti spark got short life span , cuz built in tiny resistor cant really handle high voltage spike over 30v and burns after max 50 connection cycles) .

**After some tests, Dual loop key seems to work perfect after 100 power cycles , there is no any wearing sign on connectors.

!! Dual loop connection order !! . To power up your Ewheel , at first connect XT30 > wait 2sec > then XT90 connector > after it remove XT30 connector.

When loop Key is Useful

  • When any power modification is made , like new controllers or battery
  • We can Easily and Fast disconnect battery if some problems occur
  • To avoid any power drain ( we can storage more safely Ewheel for long time )

What do you need

You will have to make couple printed parts similar to my ones , or you can find them in my Eshop

  • Genuine XT90s connector set
  • XT60 connector set x2
  • Genuine XT30 connector set
  • 10AWG & 18 AWG wires
  • 2x Bullet connector set 8mm
  • Extra shrink tubes and cover mesh

How to do it

This is NOT easy task, lots of soldering have to be done BUT I do recommend to try at least, great adventure and lots of experience will be gain.

Here is video for single loop key

*** Dual Loop Key has extra XT30 connector which has to be soldered to xt90 and actually that’s it ***

Short foto story for Dual Loop Key

At first make wiring with XT and bullet connectors, the same way like I did.

Slide in connectors to printed parts

Between printed parts & behind connectors add lots of silicone , you can use simple kitchen siliocone ( it will work also as a glue when dried out )

Use ” Printed drill plate ” to make 2 holes for screws m4 , you have to use drill bit 3,5 and then make thread M4. Those 2 extra screws will secure pretty good Dual loop key to the frame.

Between Dual loop key & Frame add some extra silicone, and tighten all screws & printed nut on the inside.

Now you have to solder big resistor between 20-100ohm to XT30 connector, slide in to printed part , then connecto to dual loop key and check if all fits. If so, add lots of hot glue inside printed part.

Check couple times all wiring and connect battery & controllers to dual loop key

!! Dual loop connection order !! . To power up your Ewheel , at first connect XT30 > wait 2sec > then XT90 connector > after it remove XT30 connector.

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