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Just received newest Laotie Ti30 Landbreaker with HUGE battery 60V 38.4Ah , this capacity is even bigger than in Laotie ES18 31.2AH . New Landbreaker looks like Multipurpose scoot, great for City long range ride/ OFFroad or even thanks to big battery you can use it as Delivery scoot.

?? Laotie Ti30 on BG  Price 1299$ with Pirate’s coupon PirateTi30 ??

Ofcourse scoot is secured NOT bad , big haevy box if sponge BUT when I opened package I noticed that left blinker was turned one whole time from china and battery was 45V so Ultra low… .

Yeah it’s very well secured.

In the box we will find also 2x 67.2v 2A chargers, key set , manuals

How do not Love these Derp eyes ??

Scoot looks the same like BOYEDA 😉 , frame is Massive and I never had any problems with it, there is even old Good Crappy folding mechanism ?

Suspension is almost the same like in Boyeda , almost because Front Fork is upgraded one , it has slower rebound ( no more cracking noise ) and extra rubber covers . On the back w have spring system which is working very well .

Worth to mention is that front fork seems to have a little bit better reinforced motor mount, old version could break at that spot , couple pics can be found about it but I never had any problems with it and I hope that new version is really better.

Motors are 2800W ( the same like in Boyueda ), aaaaand it has my Fav ZOOM hydraulic brakes ??

Controllers 45A , I am sure we will have some GOOD Power ?

Battery ! This is pretty crazy or fishy ( I need more time to check it ) because battery in Ti30 is a little bit bigger than in Boyueda but way smaller than in ES18 and overally Ti30 feels lighter than Boyeda ( bare in mind that we got built-in BigAss battery 38AH ) ! , So far I been able to pump into battery 36AH after 10H. ** I said something is fishy because this battery is really small and light so more testing is needed BUT if this battery is really at least 36AH then I want it in ALL MY SCOOTS ???

Electric stuff, so we got 2x charging port on the side/ standard Remote alarm ( I really like this one ) / 2 Big and 2 Small front lights / 2 lights on the sides / 2 Blinkers on the back / 2 back lights and 2 Stop back lights.

How does it work ?! We will check it soon 😉

?? Laotie Ti30 on BG  Price 1299$ with Pirate’s coupon PirateTi30 ??

—- This post will be constantly updated —

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  1. I received my Laotie T30 and have ridden about 70 miles so far: questions: 1. How do you adjust the front forks? they seem very stiff and not as compliant as my previous Splach Turbo scooter which I sold to get more power and more range in this one. 2. Dual Motor takes some getting used to as it is SO Powerful and immediate! I need to practice going up steep hills without losing control of the front end, but using single-mode only is not enough for my really steep hills without dual-mode… I asking for too much? This is an awesome scooter though!

    • Same experience with the power – my accelerator lever works like on off- switch. no reaction to 1/3 of travel, than immediate full power and no change to the rest 2/3 of travel.

  2. Need some help!! Just recieved my ti30 yesterday and it was totally dead as a doornail wouldn’t cut on. I eventually got it charging at first charger would turn red for a second then back to green. Charged overnight meter reads 66volts. Ride for about 100 yards then it cuts off. Lug it back inside and plug charger back in and it beeps and will come back to life. Reading 65 volts. It’s like a circuit breaker is triping or something any thoughts on what to check?

  3. Anyone has a solution for the acceleration which is too powerful, tried changing p7 but nothing. Please help cause acceleration is like a switch and I’d like a softer one haha

    • Hej, to moze byc uszkodzona bateria jak na tym filmie Jesli na voltomierzu bateria spada szybo do 0 . Jesli volltomierz z kluczykiem nadal pokazuje napiecie 56V a wylacza sie ten komputerek z LCD to moze oznaczac zle ustawienia w kontrolerze lub uszkodzony kontroler.

  4. I have the laotie ti30 and its a monster. I removed the blinkers and disconnected the side leds bc I didn’t like either. I have zero issues and climb 80% grade with my kid no problem ?

  5. There is lots to love about this scooter but it is unnecessarily dangerous from a few oversights.
    You cannot turn on kick start – I’ve already damaged the rear fender from accidentally tapping the throttle at a stop light
    You cannot turn off regen braking (manual says its locked by the controller)
    Soft start is locked by the controller (I’d hate to think if the default is soft start because the torque it through the roof)

    So I basically only ride in single motor mode which is nice but only using half my scooter’s potential.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on a good, compatible sinewave controller replacement…

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