Xiaomi Mpower 365 2WD Project

M365 is great scooter , super rigit so I decided to make a true BadAss sleeper , it will looks like random M365 but there is nothing random Inside šŸ˜Ž . Power up to 6000watt speed up to 55km/h , 2WD , Advanced Brake system , Weight under 20kg šŸ™‚ . If this project will success , I can mod your M365 or send to you brand new modded one. I plan to make 3 different version of Mpower 365.

Long range version can achive over 100km+ and speed 45km/h / Light version at weight less than 20kg , range and speed over 40km / Power version with peak power up to 6000watts ( can be even 10 000watts but motor could not handle it for very long šŸ˜‡) .

Anyway , to install rear motor you have to buy this Beauty adapter. I got it from Goran www.facebook.com/M365-custom-parts-103359807823933/ or m365customparts@gmail.com and I have to say that quality is Insane !!

The best thing is that price is the lowest one that you can find on the whole market, just speak with Goran ( super nice guy, he made it and he got other HQ parts !)

Now important thing , if you got M365 PRO you don’t need to cut the rail !!!! ( just drill bigger 15mm hole and it’s done . So … Yeah I cut my Pro because I didn’t ask Goran and now I have to glue it back xD , but no worries ! Pro deck is big and rigid so in my case it should not make the rear part of the frame weaker. If you have M365 classic then that kind of rail need to be cut .

Adapter fits just perfect, you don’t need to be worry if this is not straight cut ( like in my case, looks like some maniac done it by using kitchen knife šŸ˜‡šŸ’Ŗ ). because adapter is hold by 2 screws which holds stock adapter.

I installed wheel, is straight and Mannnn it looks awesome, 2WD M365 !! Now I need to figure out how to rearrange motor cables šŸ™„ ** don’t forget to add old washer

I used Vesc as a controller cause it’s advanced system , has lots of features, can hanbdle up to 12s for 4.4ver and 13s for 6.4 ver. and braking system is one of the best that you can find ( so yeah we don’t need disc brake any more ) . In my ” Light ” version I used 2x Vesc Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 bit.ly/VescMini42 , tiny size and should handle up to 50Amps at 12s which is around 2400watts, but I will set max 1500watts per motor cause some testing is needed ( don’t want to burn motors ) and from other hand my battery pack 12s 5p ( 35E cells ) can’t provide more than 60amps but at least got 17,5amps capacity . Vescs are mounted to the frame so the heat will be spread out, ofcourse some extra thermal paste between frame and radiator is needed . To add ON/OFF switch to 2x single Vesc 4.2 I decided to use Flipsky Smart Switch with AnitSpark bit.ly/FlipskySmartSwitch , it cost around 30$ and it’s like must have cause otherwise we will be not able to turn off Vesc


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    1. Are you gonna do a tutorial? Because Iā€™m really interested in making something like this by myself.
      Please, keep us updated!

    1. between 400-1000$ , depends what part you will use and ofcurese some leftovers can be sold like stock battery mothebaord and bluetooth module šŸ™‚

  1. can you please do tutorial, i have all the parts and i want to modify my bike the same way, i can probably figure it out by myself but it would be really nice to be 100%, and you look like you have this all figured out! šŸ˜€

  2. Hello pirate!

    I am very interested in this project, are you gonna to do in the future a tutorial for that battery pack?